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Let us see human deviousness: when it suits me I choose abstract things, but when it does not suit me I take things literally and even dogmatically. People have firmed up their doctrines and made them inflexible. However preposterous and senseless these doctrines may be the fleshly corrupt man clings to these things because it supports a deeply embedded subconscious hatred for God. People will deny it, but I am bold to say that it is so for their outward fruits show this strange phenomenon. They put on a religious show and claim to be many things, but when they speak they make no sense, when the express themselves bitter venom comes out. Apostle Paul spoke about it, Peter, James, ah, the prophets, the prophets died for this truth. They tried to crack those thickened with deviousness skulls, but they were either stoned to death or imprisoned and died from starvation.

Man's rebelliousness has no end and the scripture portrays it to be so. Subconsciously deep in the regions of human soul there is a resentment against the absolute rule and power of the Almighty God. Actually this is the seed of death in all of us. The unwillingness to part with self-made definitions, and own beliefs - when faced with something new, fresh and brilliantly intelligent - comes from that corrupt core of the human soul. Strangely no one wants to deal with it. People have tons of problems with themselves, in the inner regions of their minds and souls, but when the solution arises they turn away. This deviousness is a strange malady. 
I was plagued with this malady for much too long until I was 33. But I broke it and the old man died then. He is buried in the center of the Jewish Quarter of Jerusalem in the midst of five synagogues; close to the now restored Hurva Synagogue. That's where the old Joseph actually died. The Old Adam was buried, but boy... how fiercely he fought with me. The ME has ceased. New understanding was given; I have been flying high ever since. Today at 57 I still fly high being so astounded, amazed, flabbergasted at what the Father reveals in His loving care... I have no words.
People get disturbed when hearing divine intelligence, which God passes through another man. To some it’s just too much to bear. I know that for a fact now. I was told that supposedly my wisdom or learning drives me mad. Others no longer want to hear or read, they just check out. They would plug their ears. In many places i have been called a Charlatan, others call what I bring as a nest of vipers, and even Free Mason's teachings; where they get these ideas from is everyone's guess. They hate the honest truth and it's been that way for thousands of years. I don't blame God for shortening human life. I don't blame Him for allowing things roll as they may and the people fall into their traps of deviousness.   

Other ponder as to why would God choose me to bring the Last Reformation? Why not someone else, and then they would ask that someone else why you and so on? Is that elitist? However one looks at things, people want the glory all for themselves, the carving is enormous, but they don't want to pay the price for it with sufferings that accompany it. Can you fight with God's anointed? It comes together with rejections and persecutions, which Jesus promised us.

[Matthew 5:11-12] Blessed are you when people insult you and persecute you, and falsely say all kinds of evil against you because of Me. Rejoice and be glad, for your reward in heaven is great; for in the same way they persecuted the prophets who were before you.

[Acts 26:24] While Paul was saying this in his defense, Festus said in a loud voice, “Paul, you are out of your mind! Your great learning is driving you mad.”

What Paul brought was so new and refreshingly intelligent that King Agrippa had to deal with his own set ways and very much with his own pride. The old “idols” began to totter and were about to fall. As it was the case with the Ark of the Covenant in Philistia; so it is today. Our doctrinal idol, (like the old Dagon of the Philistines), falters in the presence of the Truth, which is always new and fresh. And the reason is that the aging time in God’s Kingdom does not exist. The much loved and adored (Christian) theology begins to lose balance and all of a sudden many rush to support it; lest it falls. Truth needs no defense; it stand on its own.

It is easier to reject the new, logical and mighty than to part with the old and embrace the truth of the “new wine.”

By this man is being tested whether He would be the Enoch material, the elect, or is just another mediocre mortal that blends with the dirt of the field.

Thought trends 

1. Example: 1 Corinthians 15:50] Now I say this, brethren, that flesh and blood cannot inherit the kingdom of God; nor does the perishable inherit the imperishable.

If flesh and blood cannot inherit God’s kingdom then the reverse should also be true, no spirits, winds and flames, the angles (Hebrews 1:7) can inherit the flesh and blood realm. Why we choose one thing, but run with so many illogical things as with the absolute truth, which is always unified. The answer is clear: the glory seeking prods many to sensationalize things in order to impress with the outlandish, and mystical; thus seduce many and pollute the minds of those who sincerely God. Wolves got into the sheep fold and play theater. They have been on this religious stage for centuries in order to profit; for they have no sense of life eternal, or anything spiritual; they are earthbound.  

The One God reveals one truth about the instantaneous timeless Kingdom of God. It does not come from some other religious camp, or sect, but directly from God’s throne to us. Perhaps we mirror something within ourselves that has departed from the ONE GOD THE SPIRIT? Paganism means multiplicity of ideas, which is polytheism, many gods and with it much confusion.

Man created a camp with a set of beliefs, which characteristically belong in that one particular camp and then this camp becomes exclusive. Anything else that tries to shed light on the many often-unfounded beliefs—by revealing the true depth of meaning—is too often being labeled as coming from some other also labeled “a false” religious camp. One party against another, one doctrine against another; one set of beliefs against another; camp against camp; and it is getting worse. People are no longer free, if they ever were. They want to be free, but are not willing to pay the required price.

The elect has paid the price that’s why he or she is the elect, or chosen for higher things than to pamper their own flesh. Blending with the sand of the sea makes you into a grain of sand.
2. Example: [Luke 20:34-36] And Jesus said to them, “The sons of this age marry and are given in marriage, but those who are considered worthy to attain to that age and the resurrection from the dead, neither marry nor are given in marriage; for they cannot even die anymore, because they are like angels, and are sons of God, being sons of the resurrection.

If we won’t marry nor will be given in marriage and won’t be able die anymore—because by then we are like angels—then why would an angel want to become flesh and blood and die? As sensational and mind seducing those fantastic tales may be; they originate in the corrupt and in the most wicked human core.

3. Example: [Luke 3:38] Genealogy of Jesus: the son of Enosh, the son of Seth, the son of Adam, the son of God.
Adam was God’s son. God is Spirit (John 4:24), and He made first the spiritual Adam in Genesis 1 and then the physical Adam in Genesis 2. The first Adam transgressed and had not returned back to God, but in the seventh generation one of his great-grandsons, Enoch, did return, he walked with God and God took him. Just as Adam was God’s son so was Enoch his descendent.

Is it so irrational to think that these were called sons of God? In the Hebrew language we find many pictures and allegories, yet the language is very precise. But it also carries multiple meanings that stem from one root. One God, one root, one language. There is logic in Hebrew and the Hebraic mind carries that logic. Bena'im Elohim – sons of God, or Ben Elohim a son of God. But, are spirits, winds and flames compatible with flesh and blood beings in regard to sexual cohabitation? Hocus-Pocus abracadabra boom... a giant is born.

The same can be applied to the created by God angels, as sons, or Adam and His sons. Cain went away from the Eden region and married foreign woman and his genealogical line is not traced in the biblical record. They appear as Kenites in Scripture.

Giants came when Adams sons took for themselves strange foreign women. The brand new creation - Adam's genetic pool - mixed with the old creation's genetic pool. New era had then begun until it fizzles out and there will be another era called the Messianic Age. The former things will be no more. So don't be spooked. It was so, it is so. But in this genetic pool there are those genes of the Lost Sheep of the House of Israel upon which the Abrahamic covenant with God rides. God sees it. We recognize it through their fruit-bearing e.g., what we say, how we behave, and how we react, or respond to the Truth; and what we bring out; out of the good or bad treasure of our hearts. Voila. 

4. Example: [Genesis 6:3] Then the LORD said, “My Spirit shall not strive with man forever, because he ALSO is flesh; nevertheless his days shall be one hundred and twenty years.”     

Obviously Adam - as a family tree, his sons, sons of God - had ALSO became like the rest. The original; clash between the Adamic genes and the non-Adamic genes resulted in the emergence of giants, who continued beyond the time Solomon.

Besides that mix there was another mix occurring in other parts of the world; hence we have many genetic deformities and strange things. The Canaanites, for example, had practiced bestiality (having sex with animals) through strange mutations they produced goat-like human-like creatures. God told the Israelites to wipe them all out and never marry any of them. God was creating something brand new amidst something old. In other parts of the world people stretched the moral lines [actually they had no morals for morality came through the Law of Moses the Torah] they had their own self invented religions in some of them sex with animals was a must to receive gods' favors, etc.

[Excerpt] Bestiality is the practice of having sex between humans and animals. The practice has existed throughout most societies and time periods of human existence, dating back to 8000 BC and even beyond. Different time periods have witnessed different levels of acceptance of the act of bestiality, but it has been occurring almost constantly in history, whether in open knowledge of society or in the privacy of one’s own residence.

There have long been cases of bestiality throughout history. Documented examples of bestiality have been dated as far back as 8000 BC, seen in cave drawings in Northern Italy (Archaeometry, 2008). While the reasoning behind the drawings cannot be concluded with any certainty, it does make it clear that such a practice had taken place. While not accepted, bestiality also has a place in many major religions. In the Bible, Leviticus 18:23 states “And you shall not lie with any animal and so make yourself unclean with it, neither shall any woman give herself to an animal to lie with it: it is perversion” (ESV Bible, 2001). This condemnation of the practice of bestiality is serious enough to warrant the death of the human and the animal in historic times. This was strictly followed in practices of Christianity, Judaism, and Islam. In strong religious cultures, bestiality was seen as an abomination and was not accepted. The practice of bestiality was most widely accepted during the Middle Ages (476 AD to 1492 AD) due to the low level of acceptance of the Christian church in Western society (Miletski, 2006). During the Renaissance period, the attitude in Western society changed greatly as bestiality was widely persecuted under the sentence of death. This persecution and stigma related to bestiality has persisted through modern times, with only a minimal amount of societies accepting the practice.
Source: http://sexual-communication.wikispaces.com/Bestiality) [End of excerpt]
God also created the old world and as if He would have thrown dices on the table that acted like an evolutionary process, but we are not certain of that. We deal with scraps of information.

The problem is this: because we are physical we must have a will, which we call the free-will, however this free-will, got us into trouble. As a result God had to wipe out parts of humanity. Strange diseases and plagues come because of immoralities. Even stranger things appear today already. In Cambodia children die from a strange illness, which is not yet identified, no cure nor vaccine is yet found, but that's just a small part of the picture. Our will gets in the way so much that we must perish through its misuse. Enoch did not misuse his free-will, did he. There is always repentance, a return back to the straight and narrow way; for our own good.

Like the recently discovered bipedal and upright walking ARDI, God perhaps created also other - inhabiting other planets - aliens, why not? Yet, these aliens are not permitted to harm us or to invade the earth. We are afraid, for we do not know, but once we know our God and His true nature in TRUTH, we will not fear for we will know. I know only the Bible and my God and about aliens i do not want to know, but when the time comes that we must know then the gracious God will tell us, won't He. He is our Father and therefore we must get to know Him much better.

If all the accounts about UFO’s and aliens are true, then I say why not. God is God. The Adamic age Jesus calls as This Age. A residue - from the pre-Adamic age - we find deep beneath the ground. We find people with horns, and some say this is the seed of Satan. Yet, it is man’s sin, which came from bestiality.

My mother, a nurse in a hospital, told us about strange births. She has seen many monsters human women gave birth to before my mother's very eyes. It is man's choice and man's sin. A genetic mix-up is still possible. This is the evilness of the dumb masses, which I do not belong to.

Today, there are many secret genetic experiments, the creatures they breed are often cremated. So don't tell me that because someone found a human skull with horns it means that it is the seed of Satan. When you button the first button wrong the entire row of buttons id off and that's what happened with the interpretations of Genesis 3. Yes it was Satan called in Hebrew Nachash, but he was the beast of the filed, which the Almighty God created for a special purpose. While being anchored in God the Sovereign one this purpose we must study. Like Balaam's donkey, which spoke with human voice, this shiny being Nachash also spoke intelligently in order to create a desire in Eve for the Tree, not the Tree of Life, but the Tree of Knowledge first; in order to make her distinguish the right from the wrong and then choose wisely. That desire was not yet there, so God created this desire. God wants to be chosen and not loved by programmed robots.

[Deuteronomy 30:19] I call heaven and earth to witness against you today, that I have set before you life and death, the blessing and the curse. So choose life in order that you may live.

The first choice was wrong. Our second choice must be right, and that was reveled to us through Jesus Christ. But it was God who orchestrated it, and if you do not like it, then you have embraced dualism and love your own doctrines and interpretations; you have thrown God's absolute sovereignty and don't care about Him. By trying to please God and blame all evil on this earth on the devil/Satan you show fear of the wrathful God whom you do not know yet in truth.

Yes, it is all very fascinating, but it does not mean that God made a blunder, or that there are two gods, one being good while the other bad.  It all comes from the one God. Study Him and His ways in the light of His truth and not in man’s.
Since winds, flames and spirits are incompatible with human flesh we conclude that—as Genesis 6:3 portrays—they also BECAME flesh through the mix.

If the limit of years is enforced (to 120) than the prior limit was limitless. God permitted all, but He is still in control for He does not deal with billions of years, but with the instantaneous realm of no time. Hence, what He sees, we are not able to see due to the time limitations of this physical sphere. But, unless He reveals the future to us we wander in that one piece of time He has carved out for us. From time to time, however, He opens our spiritual eyes and we see clearly the future, and the past, in the present time-frame. The future belongs to Him just as the present does also; it is all in the open, and that also includes the supposedly planned by Lucifer rebellion—St. Augustine’s erroneous interpretation of Isaiah 14. "Lucifer" is a Latin made up name from the Hebrew "Hillel" (shining with light), which clearly referred to the flesh and blood King of Babylon. Isaiah wrote it so, and since it was taunt and derision, a song filled with allusions and metaphors, people picked only those verses that suited their cravings for sensationalism. They have sinned against the Almighty God by stripping Him of power and His Omniscience in their minds. Those that follow in their footstep sin also and insult God as well as His divine intelligence! Rebels, sinners of the lowest class! They will have their fill and their cup of wickedness will soon spill over. They shall shall perish from the earth and from heaven also.

It is like i wrote a letter addressing it tor you speaking about someone well know and you, as if on purposes, twist it and make a big mumble-jumbo out of the intended message. Clearly maggots ate his body. The man took himself for a go but Isaiah said you are a man, etc. Read again.  Why? Why twisting the truth of this chapter. Again why? What reason? Unless one hates God and wants to split His oneness and His universe into light and darkness, and me the third judge-like person determining which one is which; then i sit on the throne not God. I decide, I interpret. - That's Paganism, because only pagans chose gods for themselves and worshiped those self made images. The same is now. We decide what God is like instead of studying Him in the Light of His glorious truth.

We were chosen and taught God's word. We wrote the Bible and God's Love Letters to humanity, but they took our words out of the context, and twisted our words; they have bemired and despised us, chewed us up and then spitted us out. How long Oh Lord will you permit fools to rule over us? 

God is really after His sons, the peacemakers (Matthew 5:9) sown amidst the filed this world, (His hidden treasure, which speaks and writes these words now) until it all comes to an end; and then the new heaven and new earth will be created and the Messianic Age will be ushered in where the lamb and wolf will lie together. A time in which weapons of destruction will no longer be produced. This longing for peace, not contentiousness, is ours.

Ask me any question, and I guarantee you a clear and truthful answer that makes sense in your mind as well scripturally. There are no stones unturned and no loose ends in the world of God’s oneness, which is mine. I deliver answers to every question in an instant. That instant comes not from me, but from the Holy Spirit who abides in me.