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Have trouble sleeping, nervousness, anxiety, insecurity, and complexes; are you overly self-conscious? These things have been passed down to us from our predecessors and also come from our upbringing. Those who are very sensitive have a hard time coping with these problems, but they can be overcome. This world does not produce rest and peace but the opposites; therefore, the more we are in the world the more of its properties we acquire, like restlessness, stress or anxiety. The deeper we are in God’s realm the smoother things become.

The passed-down to us speculative notions that evil came down to us from heaven and that it managed to avoid God’s watchful eye has not only confused but also separated us from God’s love. The message of peace finds no place in minds whose god is some divinity one must only praise but does not understand. Greek mythology has influenced the church with the same type of heavenly wars as those fought by the imaginary gods: Tartarus, Eros, Hades, Poseidon, Aphrodite, Apollo, Artemis or Hermes. No wonder people lost their relationship with the Truth. If heaven has no peace and it succumbs to plots or overthrows than we might as well quit doing what we do and remain as lost and dumb sheep not knowing if we are for wool or for meat. Now it’s the time to drill the realm of our Maker.

The Father of all creation has no beginning and no end for He is not made of flesh and blood. He is gentle, kind, forbearing, loving, very righteous and extremely holy, which means completely different than flesh-and blood people. In the regard of image and likeness (Hebr. TZELEM, reflection) we are only spiritually like Him. Salvation is of the Jews (John 4:22). God’s chosen people have been trained in God’s singularity and the realm of His oneness. Oneness means perfect logic. By bringing all isolated particles together—and making out of them one clear sense—is of oneness. God’s Holy Breath of Life is called the Holy Spirit; He teaches, guides, reminds and helps; He brings us back to God’s oneness.

There was never any war in heaven, because that’s plainly impossible. There was never any expulsion of angels, winds, flames and ministering spirits, because God is omniscient (all knowing & transcending time). Between heaven - the plus; and the material earth - the minus; there can be an occasional scuffle, but that is only for an interval of time until the minus submits to the plus.

The world contains three types of people; the good seed, the field and the tares (Mat. 13:38); and they are known but only by their fruits (Mat. 7:20). Negative fruits belong to the tares, neutral fruits are of the field, and the positive fruits are of the good seed—God’s children on earth.

[1 John 3:1] See how great a love the Father has bestowed on us, that we would be called children of God; and such we are. For this reason the world does not know us, because it did not know Him.

The very fact that you listen and read what’s being said here is a sign that you are His child. Rejoice!

There is no good god and an evil god, that’s just human pagan imagination; and for this reason the Almighty God chose a nation He calls ISRA-El - God’s principality (on earth). Anyone rejecting this fact is lost in those aforementioned imaginations; their drill is not only dull, but also drills for the living water in wrong places. Our God is neither good nor evil for unlike us He did not eat of the Tree of Knowledge. Only by comparison we say that God is good for we know what’s not good. We live in a realm of contrasts therefore in a world of many choices. Whatever stirs stronger we go after. When flesh and anything earthly stirs stronger we then bend downward clinging only to that which passes away.

But, when the heavenly plus stirs we rise higher. It does not mean that our bodies are evil because we feed them or please them. Those are the blessings God lavished on us so that we might give Him thanks.

[John 10:10] The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy. I came that they may have life, and have it abundantly. – Jesus said. But there was never any thief in heaven nor ever will be. There is no death in heaven but only life. So, it must be someone on earth not in heaven. Let’s drill further.

I am in the business of giving. You are in the business of receiving and out of your abundance also giving. This benevolent reciprocity is something wonderful amongst God’s children.

God is the Perfect Love that casts out all fear (1 John 4:18); hence, in heaven there is no fear of any kind. God’s perfect peace (Isaiah 26:3) brings trust. So, God trusts His angels and they trust Him, that’s the perfect union of love and peace. There is not even a faint possibility for an angel to sin, for sin is the way of pain upon the earth only (Psalms 139:24). If that would not be so than you have no hope for life eternal in the heavenly bliss, but in a realm of confusion, which you have enough of already in this world.

There are no imprisoned “fallen” angels in some netherworld called Tartarus, or Hades (Greek gods) the notion of us judging the angels (1 Cor. 6:3) was aimed at the Greek mind to make them feel important; a tactic Apostle Paul adopted when he preached the gospel in many formats to the Europeans. We have nothing to do with judging God’s angels for there is nothing to judge. God’s angels are completely subordinated to God and have no free will, which is known only to man. God’s love permeates the extensions of His Being, the angels, and they obey God automatically without questions asked. Angels do not teach and do not reason (Ac. 10:5 & 1 Pet. 1:12) they do not preach the Gospel. We do. God speaks through angels and also through His prophets. These are the straight lines that lead back to God.

Satan is not our enemy, but man can be. If God asks us to trust Him then we must not bring up to His face His supposed blunder called Lucifer for that has never happened nor ever will. It’s time to forsake that old foolishness. If you are not willing to let go than you ascribe to God blunders and gaps and therefore you can’t possibly know Him in truth. Either you are a follower of the Truth or a follower of those famous well-established men or their well established yet outdated intriguing doctrines. Choose now! Comparing it to a drill - regardless how famous and old a teaching might be - when it can’t drill for the living water then that drill must be dysfunctional and dull.

In the past, God graciously poured His Spirit on us in many different measures around the world, but man used that special grace to prop up only his or her elevated seats of influence. Should you be a follower of a ministry or follower of the Truth? Think and choose; for both are being presented to you. Do not dull your holy drill now.

God is still willing to pour out His Spirit, but now He waits until we get reformed in the power of our mind. What’s been said in this letter is only the laying of straight railroad tracks upon which the train is about to go. Unless these lines are straight and solid we can’t go any further.

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