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Is there such thing as a holy ambition? The answer may be a bit lengthy, but it will be clear, both scripturally and logically.

Are you ambitious, and if so then in which direction? There are many kinds of ambitions; most of them are vain and lead only to unnecessary and often premature aging and death. What? Death? – Aha… death. Vain ambition-driven people burn up with frustrations, anger, impatience and even hatred; against those that supposedly hinder if not even block them from achieving their objectives.

I know people who have been thus driven and they made hundreds of millions. Strangely, they are not able to share them; even when they showed their love for God and His minister, like me. And if they give anything it is less than what widows that live on social security sacrifice. They have plenty of dough, but it came to them through ambition therefore to part with some of it means to them to part with the achievement-vehicle, which their ambition has been. In their subconscious mind: if they give up this vehicle then they would go nowhere; that’s why it is so very hard for them to part with money. If they have lost those millions then they seek them again using the same ambition-vehicle, but really it is not the money they seek, but rather the loaded-up ambition vehicle. Their ambition must be crowned king all the time and there they find their happiness.

The peacemakers, who are called sons of God (Matt. 5:9), have an ambition, but a holy one. Read this from James 3:16-18.

For where jealousy and selfish ambition exist, there is disorder and every evil thing.

Isn’t it something? Selfish ambition comes from self, self-centeredness and ego; all these come from self-identity, which is physical, earthly and really stuck in time and locale. A spiritual person is free from these and speaking the truth such person I have become after many years of combating this flesh of mine. I have ambition, but not the selfish kind. However, this sort of an ambition can also be redirected to making millions if so one desires.

“RE-DIRECTED” is the word. Just as the spirit of life in us is pure and most holy, for it comes from no other place but from our Creator, our precious heavenly Father, but we have polluted, mishandled and misdirected it. A wrong direction is sin. A right direction is righteousness. God hates unrighteousness because it grieves and even wounds His Spirit in each individual a human being that had been made according to His spiritual *image (Hebrew *TZELEM, which means to reflect God the Spirit, not flesh). The likeness of God deals with similarities; one of those is our independent will, which we are also able to subjugate to God’s will. But God jealously desires His Spirit, which He had made to dwell in us (James 4:5). We pollute something pure and holy, but we have also sinned with our self-invented theology by attributing this pollution of ours to God, heaven and the realm of His kingdom by insinuating that it is the fault of Satan, Lucifer and his supposed fallen angels; thus embraced a belief that there was another creature, a gap in God’s creation, a mistake. And for this we shall be judged. In turn this sin of ours—which we have committed against the Creator and have polluted heaven with our erroneous and wicked ideas by selfishly and subjectively misinterpreting God’s Word—brought us even deeper into error. Then, on top of it all, humans have confused themselves and also their faithful sheep to this very day. And then we hammer on people that they ought to have faith. What sort of a faith? What sort of a heaven? Where wars are possible and the corruption of angels?

The pure stream of God’s life spirit, which came down to earth we have misused and misdirected, just like tares do; hence tares shall be burned up, but the fruitful wheat, which feeds humanity, shall be preserved for eternity in God’s heavenly storehouse (Matthew 13:30).   
But the wisdom from above is first pure, then peaceable, gentle, reasonable, full of mercy and good fruits, unwavering, without hypocrisy.

I love this wisdom from above, don’t you? It is pure and uncontaminated by fleshly/earthly ambitions. This wisdom’s housings, of course, are you and I; like empty shells; the emptier of self we are the better; for then more of that pure wisdom passes through us.

The fruit of wisdom (NOT OF AMBITION) is peacemaking gentleness, a reasonable approach to things because it is then mixed with mercy, which rather deals more with others than self. To this kind of mercy the gift of healing gravitates. Divine healing is drawn to our mercy, which God uses as His pure channel to heal those in need of it. But it is hard to heal overambitious people and neither do they have any faith for others, because their own ambitions hold them back and block them.

And those who make peace sow the seed whose fruit is righteousness in peace.   

Peacemaking is the most glorious activity in the entire world. Whoever switches to it and actually practices it at every given opportunity—and there will be plenty of circumstances and opportunities to practice it—will become true son and daughter of God. Again, I must say here, that my wife and I have already made the switch and we are now being tested.

When we discover each time that we have passed the test and won, our joy increases. We wish the same for you. Choose it today and run with it till the end of time.

Apostle James started with these words (James 3:14-15):

Who among you is wise and understanding? Let him show by his good behavior his deeds in the gentleness of wisdom. But if you have bitter jealousy and selfish ambition in your heart, do not be arrogant and so lie against the truth. This wisdom is not that which comes down from above, but is earthly, natural, demonic.

What, “demonic?” Therefore people are bound up with unclean spirits of the past lives, descendants of proud, arrogant and ruthless people.  So, what will you do about it; put another good sounding bumper sticker on you?

No one can get wisdom from only hearing someone wise speeches. No one. Period. Hence, here comes the holy ambition, which is rooted in mercy and which helps the victim provided that he or she wants to be helped. Usually proud and arrogant, intolerant people don’t ask for help, some even bleed to death, but ask for no mercy, but would rather die in agony.

The holy ambition is called God’s Zeal. It is pure and holy, that I have also. I had it since childhood, which too often is being viewed as my own ambition, yet the fruit of this holy zeal is quite evident if one truly cares to inspect it. I suffer and pray for those that wounded me. ‘I crawl to a corner and suck on my thumb’ like a child, but I am not defeated. My spirit intercedes for the warlike and ruthless.


David said it in Psalm 69:9; and Jesus quoted him when He cleaned out the temple.

Elijah said in 1 Kings 19:10, 14:

“I have been very zealous for the LORD …”

Elijah was ambitious, but that ambition was holy and unnatural to earth. Hence, we have the earthly ambitions and the holy ones, and these two don’t mix.

I hope that this little article helped you understand ambition. 



  1. Levi Ben have thanx for this wonderful writing. I read it and will read it again, it gives clarety of the things of God and the selfish things of the flesh, Hallelujah