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A suspicious mind usually resists any new education; for any former belief, or religious dogma, holds us back from parting with the old. Children do not have this problem. Hence Jesus told us to become like children. For children, changes come easily, but while we mature, changes become harder. We have organized our lives in such a way that to change would mean to disorganize something established. 

[Matthew 18:3-4] Truly I say to you, unless you are converted and become like children, you will not enter the kingdom of heaven. 

Whoever then humbles himself as this child, he is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven.

Children do not resist new knowledge, but readily absorb it as a sponge. Over time we have developed prejudices of sorts and we have developed a sense of caution. This caution exists in every department of our society. The war genes don’t sleep and “feeding them” with caution makes matters even worse. With age we become more rigid, and set in our ways. The attachments to the known and stable; we interpret as being secure; and an older person is no longer interested in exploration of anything new.

Just as we have the need to protect our freedoms we must do the same with peace. We won’t achieve peace through a fight, but rather through the practice of peace in our daily lives. The same goes for being converted into a childlike attitude, which means: becoming humble and sponge-like, someone who readily receives the exciting new learning. Only a hollow and empty vessel can be filled.

Only we humans have the free will, free choice; hence, God calls you to choose (Deuteronomy 30:19). When faith comes we must choose it. When peace comes we must choose it also. No one chooses war, which is intrusion and violation. No one chooses sickness, which is an invasion. No one chooses hate for it is an invading emotion. We choose and seek health, because it originates in peace. I speak of the complete health, in mind, body and soul. Our spirit (the spirit of life) never gets sick nor it can ever get polluted. It comes from the realm of perfect purity and peace; and returns therein whence it came. It belongs in its own heavenly milieu.   

If heaven once experienced upheavals, or will again experience them, then all of our desires and endeavors for peace are futile. By now you have realized how dim, preposterous and completely unintelligent those ideas really are, although they comes from the Bible. Why not embracing the heavenly peace without man’s dogma? What's so precious about sensational legends, Dungeons & Dragons scenarios, sulfur, molten lava, lakes of fire, seven-headed dragons and blood reaching up to the horses’ bridles? Lots of things are written in the Bible, but the Bible is also a schoolbook, it contains spiritual education with classes and grades? Which grade are you in? The gap between the first class of an elementary school, and a University graduate is enormous. One just stepped on the ladder while the other already reached the final lath. The one in the first grade knows much less, and so he or she deals with insecurities like ‘am I smart enough, capable, and diligent to face the future?’

University graduates deal with life’s challenges with greater confidence because of the knowledge they possess. Wisdom is the fruit of a well-applied knowledge. The wise has gained knowledge and now he or she applies it. The sooner they part with insecurities the further they will go.

There is no point in fighting insecurity, just as there is no point in combating unbelief. It all comes to us quite naturally when we open our minds and souls to what our Creator has turned into motion. All that we must do is to step into the ready deal, and like sponges absorb it.

Jesus said, (John 14:27) “Let not your heart be troubled.” Do not allow your heart to be troubled. It is your choice. Protect the heavenly peace. “Don’t let it be fearful.” It is your responsibility to not let fear in. Don’t contemplate on fear. Do not handle it. Handle the higher knowledge He gives you. Practice it. Handle it. Dwell on this heavenly gift. It’s miraculous.

There was never any war in heaven, and never will be. Period. If you take it in, believing in what I just said, then you have opened a door to wisdom. You will no longer feed/entertain the superstitious mind. Spook and sensation—like seven-headed dragons, cosmic wars with grotesque looking creatures—will no longer interest you. All scriptures will be made clear to you for you will not only know isolated fragments of God’s Word, but Him, and His heart; and then His Word in totality. God is one.

[Matthew 11:28-30] Come to Me, all who are weary and heavy-laden, and I will give you rest. Take My yoke upon you and learn from Me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For My yoke is easy and My burden is light.

Are you weary and burdened? Do you seek rest in God’s peaceful arms? Religion is heavy, devil and demons and heavenly upheavals do not provide peace, but much of the same unrest we face daily on this planet. Perhaps, you have cornered yourself with no options left. The supposedly inevitable (death) knocks on your door. To some it is the last consolation with the accompanying sadness, the finality of it all. There is more to peace than just dying and burial.  

The yoke Jesus speaks of here is not heavy, but a picture of two oxen being yoked together. The reality is that only one ox, or a horse, pulls the plow or a wagon, while the other sort of assists. When you yoke yourself with Jesus e.g., all that He said and left for us to ponder upon; you put His yoke on you. Wherever He goes; you go. Whatever He does; you do also. It’s a picture of oneness.

Jesus is humble, which as already said, hollow and empty of self; therefore also readied to be filled with God’s kind of peace. Jesus was completely Father-Dependent; that’s how easy is His yoke. His ways are not complex, flamboyant, outlandish, or sophisticated. His yoke is light in weight, but also it is the light of truth. The more light the more understanding and knowledge.

Our theology (knowledge about God) will fade away like a vapor. The true knowledge of your heavenly Father will permeate your being resulting in peace, which the world knows not, nor is able to provide.