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Who is God?

1. Is God the All Mighty or a part mighty God? The one who birthed His Son through whom He made the universe or the Son who was never born or created? 2. Is the Son of God the Almighty, the Father or is the Father the Son, or THEY are one; but how are they one? 3. A husband and wife are one flesh, but yet they are separate. Can God’s Spirit be located in one place? 4. God has no beginning and no end. He made the Universe. God made time, which are matter, space and light. 5. No matter, no space and no light equate nothing, but not in God’s mind. 6. In time objects move, and in no time nothing has to move anywhere; everything is.  
7. Eternity is neither an interval nor a time-oriented dimension. Eternity is now; it was not born or created. 8. We came from eternity and belong to it forever. 9. Physical brain does not process timelessness; our spirit does.

Spirit and life
10. Spirit of life is the Spirit the Bible speaks of. It is not a hocus-pocus spirit, but life. 11. Life exists in its purest sense of the word. 12. It is not an idea or a form; it transcends all forms. It is. Period.  

13. More life means more eternity. 13. More Spirit means more health, energy and vibrancy. 14. Less life means less spirit therefore decay, waning strength and death of the material.

15. Transition from one form on to another is no transition at all; for each form is unique. 16. Life does not pass from one form to another form, but remains as a whole. 17. Forms acquire life when they need it or call on it. 18. Life serves anyone in need of it.

19. A form does not need to die, but it can be transformed into a sublime form, which then ceases to be a form in a physical sense of the word. 20. Forms therefore can become spiritual entities, transcendent and endless, but because they were once forms they carry the element of the former earthly identity.

21. All heavenly forms have their identities borrowed from something stationary, tangible and observable with the physical eye. 22. Anything tangible and observable can be controlled. 23. Spirit cannot be controlled; therefore it is compared with wind. 24. Human authority can keep life, but if that authority becomes too abusive; life then withdraws and becomes stationary in the realm of all life; over all, as if waiting for another form to attract it.

25. Life is not the thief, but death is. 26. Death only exists in the realm of matter. 27. Life serves and never takes away, just as love always gives and shares.

God’s love
28. Love is the Spirit of life and it, being stimulated by love, brings forth. 29. The desire to create in itself is an act of love. 30. We are because of love. 31. I write because of love and love writes these words. 32. I care because He cares. 33. I inspire because He has inspired me. 34. Out of love all creativity is born. 35. Love cannot ever become corrupt. 35. Matter cannot kill love. 36. Love exits any material form when it is disregarded and abused.

37. Love possesses no self-identity. 38. Love cannot be possessed and controlled; yet love does not control anyone. 39. Love and freedom are synonymous; they are the perfect pair. 40. When freedom restricts, because of selfishness, love leaves. 41. Selfishness is physical, possessive and controlling therefore is incompatible with love.  

42. Without love we would not exist, just as any physical living form would not come to be without love. 43. Love brought forth all forms into being, which then cleave and procreate. 45. Love is always an act. 46. Love prompted the creation and then brought forth Adam and Eve in Eden. 47. Love gave them the freedom to transgress.

48. Love can be recalled when “her” (Hebrew AHAVA, feminine) conditions are met and her proper milieu restored. 49. Repentance can change anything; it can even turn the clock backwards. 50. Love can be strong when attractive settings are prepared for her. 51. The better the settings the stronger love becomes. 52. Clean, perfumed and a beautifully decorated room releases the freedom of choice that’s when the essence of love flows.   

53. Angels are flames, winds and ministering spirits. 54. Angels do not act on their own will because they have none. 55. They have no self identity due to the fact that they are indeed winds, flames and spirits; their identity is in God who made them. 56. God has no identity in Himself, but only in what He creates; and what He creates point back to Him.

57. Nothing spiritual can be controlled by the physical entity. 58. The Maker did not make things out of nothing for matter plays no role in His mind. 59. Matter came to be for the reason of refinement, which causes triumph after triumph.

60. Glory comes after victory. 61. When the life realm enters the matter realm, the life realm triumphs over the matter and never the other way around.

62. No one can control an angel nor angels are able to control us. 63. God controls angels through the purest “form” of love. 64. The word “form’ does not belong in this realm, it is only used to describe the spiritual realm of the One.
65. When His love is tormented He sends His angel(s) to punish the culprit. 66. The offender is always some selfish physical being. 67. Spirit cannot hurt another spirit for only physical target can be hit.  68. Only physical objects can be hurt. 69. Winds, flames and ministering spirits are never the target. 70. They do not experience hurt.

71. Angels do not understand us nor they are able to. 72. They are never sent to educate, but only to deliver God’s word. 73. Angels do not sympathize, empathize, reason or take sides. 74. They feel no compassion neither do they heal. 75. Angels do not neither are able to speak from themselves for their identity is in God. 76. No angel came to the Pool of Bethesda nor stirred the water nor healed anyone. 77. God heals and raises the dead by the Holy Spirit.

78. God is grieved on our behalf when His laws are broken. 79. He can withdraw His Spirit and His angels from us; and give us over to our own wants and desires when the physical and overwhelming urge wins over. 80. God eventually gratifies the desire of anyone who longs to be in one’s own, and be a self-sufficient god. 81. The Almighty allows flesh-and-blood gods like Pharaohs, Nebuchadnezzars and Caesars to have their own. He gives them over to their own.

82. All angels are neither good nor evil, but just angels. 83. God is neither good or evil, but God. However, He chose to be good for our sake. 84. That same choice He gave to us and in that choice we fellowship with the good God. 85. The knowledge of good and evil was given only for this earth. 86. Healing happens when someone touches His compassionate heart.

87. We shall be like angels and shall be genderless. 88. No man or woman, no slave or free, but like God’s angels. 89. In heaven our will becomes His will. 90. Our love is His love, through Him and back again for Him; which in turn His love encompasses us; and all beings in existence.

91. The Almighty sometimes sends a tormenting angel to get us out of the quagmire of selfishness. 92. No angel of His is evil, but can be viewed as such when his mission is adverse.


1. Satan is not a fallen angel nor evil, but only God’s prosecuting angel and under the omniscient, omnipresent and omnipotent will and rule of the Almighty. 2. Humans view the prosecutor and faultfinder as their enemy but only from down below. 3. Being under the sovereignty of God and looking from above Satan does his job.  

4. No angel is free and no angel roams the earth without God’s permission. 5. God relates to angels as sons and therefore His family. 6. The familiarity with angels is exemplified, only for us to understand; for God does not need lengthy words to convey His thoughts. 7. The essence of His love is the instantaneous language of the spiritual world. 

8. Since in heaven there is no darkness, no need for moon or stars, God is the light and His light is called the Truth. 9. Truth makes us free while darkness blinds and binds. 10. Darkness is only for the material world. 11. Light fills the heavens and eternity. 12. Nothing can hide in that light.

13. In heaven there’s no time and where lengthy explanations are unnecessary. 14. His word does not travel on the wings of sound or light, but is. 15. The physical speed of sound or speed of light, as we know it in the physical realm, does not need to transport it. 16. Spiritual world is instantaneous. 17. Before we form a thought He always knew that thought in eternity. 18. No millions or billions of years can measure God or His hemisphere.

19. Satan did not have the time to sin. 20. Satan has no angels under himself for all created-by-God angels are His. Period. 21. No hierarchies in heaven, but theocracy. 22. Angels do not fight among themselves for positions or favors. 23. Unlike humans angels do not possess inferiority complexes.

24. God makes no blunders nor is He shortsighted. 25. He reveals times and epochs to His prophets for before Him all times and epochs are one. All fragments of time below have always been one above, but below they must run their full course.

26. Demons are not fallen angels, but dead souls and images of the dead. 27. The past life-energies when brought up by illegal means possess anyone who opened the door to them. 28. Wicked dead, violent dead and perverse dead, when brought up through occult means, witchcraft or in spiritstic séances can possess the living. 29. Those demons function only because of the life presence within the living. 30. Dead spirits are unclean spirits, for that which once was alive and died is unclean to the presently living.

31. Devils are not Satan’s fallen angels. Jewish exiles brought those ideas from Babylon and Persia and played with them for a while. 32. Many wrote their fantastic and sensation-charged books. 33. Borrowed names like Enoch, hence the “Book of Enoch,” were used for purely commercial reasons. 34. Greek mythology fueled the fires of the ancient mind. 35. The biblical truth could find no foothold in the Hellenized mind.

36. Dogmatic mind evolved in order to control the masses and raise numbers of the fearful-faithful. 37. Heaven and hell were being heavily propagated in order to scare people away from hell and hoard them up into heaven, as if God needs fearful souls in heaven.   

38. Satan became the enemy of the “holy church” and of the exclusively good God. 39. God was no longer the Almighty, but a theological god. 40. Dual view of the good God versus the bad Satan dominated theology. 41. In order to get people’s attention that day’s popular beliefs had to be mentioned otherwise the God of Abraham, Isaac and Israel would have remained in obscurity.

About religion
42. The pagan nations surrounding Israel practiced mysterious rituals, which the Israelites were attracted to. 43. Simple knowledge of God the one who loves and acts on that love would have sufficed. 44. The Ten Commandments expressing His love for us and for the fellow man would have sufficed. 45. Do not do to others what you do not want them do to you. 46. Love and you shall be loved. 47. Don’t steal; you do not want to be robbed. 48. Do not commit adultery; you do not want a stranger to lie with your wife. 49. Do not bear false witness; you do not want someone to lie about you in the court of law. 50. Love your neighbor as yourself.

51. In 70 AD the Jerusalem temple was destroyed and again Jews were exiled. 52. Another ceremonial institutional religion replaced it. 53. Personal relationship with God was outlawed. 54. Forceful conversions to man-made beliefs and public confessions became the common sight. 55. “Heretics” were being killed. 56. Wars over official church dogmas continued for centuries. 57. Having a monopoly on God with the “right” versus “wrong” beliefs created fear. 58. Generation after generation was being controlled not by the loving God, but with the fear of hell and eternal damnation. 59. Newborn babies are being baptized; parents forced to swear allegiance to the church. 60. A self-imposed terrorism became man’s religion.

61. Human genes carry those generational elements of fear that surface when someone proclaims freedom. 62. God hates oppression and intimidation. 63. God raises liberators. 64. “The Spirit of the Lord GOD is upon me, because the LORD has anointed me to bring good news to the afflicted; He has sent me to bind up the brokenhearted, to proclaim liberty to captives and freedom to prisoners.” 65. “Where the Spirit of the Lord Jesus is there is liberty.” 66. So Jesus was saying to those Jews who had believed Him, “If you continue in My word, then you are truly disciples of Mine; and you will know the truth, and the truth will make you free.”

67. God delivers us not from His hand, but from man’s oppressive hand. 68. God does not deliver us from Satan’s power, but every seven years He releases us from His own wrath expressed through Satan. 69. Every 50th year He completely exonerates us from all debts, sins and guilt. 70. He washes His hands off of those unwilling to cleave to Him anymore. 71. He gives some over to their own and withdraws His Spirit. 72. When NESHAMAH is taken, restoration is then impossible. 

73. Those that profess atheism do so only because of religion. 74. After being enlightened and liberated one has the choice. 75. One cleaves to the Lord or to one’s own ways. 76. Acting on hurt and disappointment with religion, makes one seek healing. 77. A self-oriented thinking lead to self-obsession, which in turn creates an emotional black hole. 78. Implosion is then the end of selfishness.

79. Blessed are those who came in contact with the liberating truth. 80. Blessed are those who recognize the liberating voice of the Truth.  81. If they continue studying Jesus and His word they will eventually become like Him. 82. “Truly, truly, I say to you, if anyone keeps My word he will never see death.” – Jesus.  


1. Spiritually awake people are inspired and do something. 2. Spiritually sleeping people lack that inspiration and can’t do anything from themselves. 3. A sleeping person does nothing. 4. An awakened person gets up, and gets ready for the day. 5. Activity is a sign of an awakened person. 6. Religion got people into a place of inactivity, which is spiritual sleep. 7. Belonging to a church, hearing a sermon, giving an offering and then going home ends the service. 8. But on the last day each, individually, will stand before God and answer for him or herself, not for their belonging to some religious establishment.

9. [Romans 14:12] So then each one of us will give an account of himself to God.

10. [Hosea 9:7] The days of punishment have come; the days of retribution have come; let Israel know this! The prophet is a fool, the inspired man is demented, because of the grossness of your iniquity, and because your hostility is so great.

11. [Hosea 9:7] Because of the grossness of your iniquity and the belief that prophecies ceased and the inspiration of the Holy Spirit belongs to the past and because of your hostility to accept the fresh and new is so great you have blinded yourself. 12. Your unbelief and hardness of heart became severe for you see God’s prophet as a fool and an inspired man as demented. 13. Therefore you have banned God from your life, for in Him we live and move and exist. 14. You have given Him no place, for only the living moves, but anything still, is dead, remaining in the past. 15. The present lives, moves, and is as new as eternity.

16. You have killed the living and moving God and framed Him in a picture frame. 17. The picture is your beloved god named theology, frozen and still.

18. You have tied up His hands and gave Him no room to speak the fresh word and to release the new wine. 19. Are you stuck with the old wineskins and the old wine? 20. How can He then lead you to the green pastures and the living waters?

21. Prophets are not respected. 22. The gifted and endowed by His Spirit—even as those that have had built the Tabernacle of Moses and the Temple of Solomon—are put down and given no respect. 23. They seem too talented which you, in your jealousy, resent. 24. They are too endowed and make too beautiful things, which you yourself are no longer able to make.

25. “By your rigid selfish religiousness, in your self-righteousness, you have killed My living presence in your midst. 26. Soon you will be given over to your own and these words you will also silence; and My voice you shall hear no more” – Says the Lord.  

27. “Keep on beating on the dead horse. 28. O fishers of man, you keep on holding on to your over-smoked fish while the oceans are filled with fresh fish. 29. Keep on selling your dry and stale bread. 30. Keep on closing your fields to the sowing of the new seed. 31. Fill your barns with the rotten produce of yesterday and eat that which the warms have not finished consuming.”

32. Unless we prepare Him a place He will not violate our will nor force us to reach out to Him.


1. Why does one need to stuff his or her mind with a frozen-in-time picture? 2. Is God dead and in an ice cube and ready for a shipment to another place? 3. “That’s what they have done to Me” – says the Lord. 4. “They hate Me for they suppose that I gave them hell, Satan, devils and demons the lake of fire and eternal damnation. I have not. 5. I am not a vengeful God. I am your Father. 6. I gave you life and I do love you as you are. 7. No matter what man chose to do, unlike like Cain who chose his own way, I have not given up on you. I have not yet given you over to your own.”

8. “I still stretch My arms to you and call you back to Myself. Come to Me. I have not made you free and independent so that you would go out there and harm yourself. 9. Why do you harm yourself? 10. Why do you drink to unconsciousness and vomit because your body can’t process all the toxins you put in? 11. Why do you inject yourself with drugs and try to run away into the unknown world of illusion? 12. Am I so bad and terrible that you run from my healing arms? Am I not able to deliver you and love you?”

13. “I know that you are hurt, but I have not hurt you. 14. I have not made you fearful and destitute. 15. I have given you the free will and the free choice. Why have you not chosen Me? 16. I am not religion. 17. I am not what you have heard about Me. 18. I am not vengeful or vindictive. 19. I am loving and zealously possessive of that which is Mine. 20. Give yourself over to Me and you will find out who I really Am. 21. I am your Father, your Creator the love of your soul. 22. I brought you forth and want you to be fruitful. 23. I want you to be a beautiful person. 24. I want to bless you and give you life and make your life abound in health, joy and complete happiness. 25. Return to Me the living God.”


Oh God, Save me from religiousness
1. Religiousness is ritualism, superstition, incantations, reading from prayer books, following prescribed ways of worship and prayer. Save me from these. 2. Formulating and establishing permanent thoughts about the Almighty is religion. 3. Everything that moves lives; whatever remains still is dead. 4. Stagnated water contains no life. 5. A motionless corpse rots and breeds deadly diseases. 6. As death produces death, life produces more life.

7. Pride keeps many people from correcting themselves when they’ve made an error. 8. A nonreligious person encounters no such problem for he is able to change and adjust to God’s ways.

9. New revelation is new only because of the old. 10. The old must always make room for the new and the new must take over the old. However, the new, one day, will also become old. 11. Unlike some humans God is not stuck in time. 12. Endless supply of life is the nature of God. 13. Inexhaustible understanding, knowledge and wisdom is the character of heaven. 14. Man thinks limited thoughts for he interprets only the limited.

15. Lift your vision higher and embrace the unlimited sublime. 16. Don’t fix anything in permanency for there is no such a thing. 17. Two plus two does not always equates four. 18. The number two is also twenty and two hundred with endless zeros. 19. The zeros represent eternity. 20. Nothing is final. 21 We are born with brains equipped to process endlessness. 22. Attachment to matter creates a mindset; a frame that restricts. 23. The mixture of matter and spirit produces religion. 24. No frame can ever hold the living picture. 25. God is the living picture and religion can’t encompass Him. 26. Theology can’t fold Him up like a newspaper and place Him under the arm.

27. Let freedom reign and inexhaustible storehouses of knowledge endlessly flow. 28. Hate oppression and don’t let yourself be controlled by anyone. 29. Avoid those that rush to judgment calling you in error. 30. Their minds are filled with errors, fears and with just the limited decaying matter.

31. Lift your vision higher and don’t treat your thoughts as absolute. 32. Just as education raises the level of understanding so is the knowledge of God beyond the manmade theology. 33. Those that thought that the earth is flat also gave you theology. 34. Those that burned candles for light could not see the heavenly light. 35. Electricity was not known, let alone computers and the nowadays intellect. 36. Orders and rituals; appointed times of prayer left no room for God’s visitation. 37. Prophets were banned and excluded from their orders. 38. Free thinkers were banned and inspired men deemed delusional. 39. Hierarchal and authoritative orders acted as the divine.

40. Man built monuments to self with paper, words, stone and paint. 41. Their images outlasted them; that was the extent of their immortality. 42. Unlike the short biblical account of Enoch, ‘He walked with God and God took him” theology produced countless libraries. 43. Sculptures, books and paintings won’t enter heaven.

44. Why worshiping our predecessors? 45. Why embracing them tighter than the living God? 46. Why being afraid to be different? 47. While aggrandizing the self one promotes outdated and stuck in time ideas. 48. Anything outdated has exhausted its longevity and as it once contained some truth, it became a lie. 49. What was true yesterday is a lie today. 50. What does not belong in the now cannot be called as truly fitting. 51. Your childhood clothes won’t fit you anymore. 52. The water under the bridge is not the same as in the ocean. 53. But the water from the spring is always fresh and living. Amen.

Dr. Joseph Luxum    

Final note to my readers
If this booklet awakened the desire to be free in mind, soul, spirit and even your ailing body then know for certain that the power of truth heals.

Truth makes us free from even anything science calls incurable. Everything is curable for nothing’s final.      

Truth comes from the timeless realm therefore it cannot ever become a lie; any former interpretations of the truth become then outdated. In the light of a better understanding and greater intelligence the truth, like a diamond, begins to bedazzle you. The light of truth shines on itself. The secret lays not so much in the truth itself, but rather in the willingness to open up to it, and in the scope of that openness. The more you open your mind the more light with its brilliance will penetrate your being until on day it will engulf you. 

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